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Placenta Pills

Lafayette Placenta Encapsulation Can Help You Access Placenta Pills After Your Delivery.

Have you been interested in the hype about taking your own placenta after delivery but have no idea where to start to get your placenta turned into safe, easy-to-consume capsules that you can use to restore your vitality after birth?

We are equipped to provide the service of turning your placenta into capsules for new mothers or birthing persons who are interested in this type of natural, self-care alternative. Our encapsulation process is a system that is safe, efficient, our facility is dedicated specifically to placenta encapsulation only and all levels of sanitization and protocols that your placenta, in the form of capsules, will be returned to you are taken.


You can have your placenta pills created and delivered back to you through a much easier process than you may expect. Placenta pills are natural and literally made from your own placenta with gelatin capsules and nothing else. We don't add anything else during the encapsulation process because you never know what you or your baby may be sensitive to. At Lafayette Placenta Encapsulation we are dedicated to providing a safe and sanitary way to conveniently turn your placenta into pill form so you can regain your strength after delivery.


Our system is all about convenience for the new mother/birthing person, this is why we pick up the placenta from the delivery site in our specialized and certified container, take it to our labs, transform it into your unique capsule just for you, then deliver it back to your home or location of choice. We go above and beyond because we know the experience of having a new baby is overwhelming and you should not have any extra things to consider in the process.


The human body goes through so much during and after delivery. The placenta provides a way to restore some of that vitality, energy and nutrition. Studies and reports from previous clients indicate better milk supply, quicker healing, shorter bleeding time, less pain, more energy, less depression and anxiety, quicker weight loss, better sleep and an overall increase in wellness in those who practice this ancient yet nearly forgotten practice. Contact us today to learn more and begin the process with the most popular resource for quality placenta capsules after your baby's delivery.


Have a happy postpartum with Lafayette Placenta Encapsulation.

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