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Tiffany Wyatt, The Matrona Holistic Birth Doula
Lafayette Placenta Encapsulation

Tiffany Wyatt, The Matrona Holistic Birth Doula

Holistic Birth Doula


I am a mom of two gingers and both were born in a local hospital, Lafayette General. I took birth classes and hired a doula for both births with the desire to achieve unmedicated and natural births. I was successful both births and was so empowered by my choices and experiences. 


I got involved with birth work after my second baby in the profession of placenta encapsulation. I was asked repeatedly to doula for different families, and after my baby was old enough, I became a certified holistic doula with The Matrona.

My goal is to empower the birthing person and partner if willing to have their best birth possible. All births are different and everyone has a different desire for their births. I educate my clients to have the best births as is their desire. Some clients want all of the interventions and drugs and some want to birth at home with a midwife completely unmedicated — I support all birth choices and options as the family themselves desire.

My clients receive two prenatal appointment—the first visit consists of birth education and birth planning, while the second prenatal visit, I teach Spinning Babies protocol to ease the arrival of your little one. Both visits we (myself, the birther and the partner) get to know each other and by the time birth begins, we have a very comfortable rapport. 

I am of course on call for my client's birth and there every step of the way when birth begins to it incredible conclusion. I leave you after you are settled with your newborn.

We then have one postpartum visit where we go over your birth and then help with the beauty and challenges of postpartum.

Much love    



If you are interested in hiring Tiffany as your holistic birth doula, please call (337) 704-7256.

Holistic birth Doula price is $1050.

A $250 deposit is made to book your due date.

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