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Postpartum Solutions

Postpartum Solutions May Come In A Form You Do Not Expect.

Lafayette Placenta Encapsulation provides postpartum solutions for women who understand the value of balancing and restoring their nutrition after delivering a baby. If you have already experienced childbirth and the postpartum time and desire to find a natural and alternative way to support your moods like the depression, baby blues or anxiety this time, or if you are the type who plans ahead and has done their research, we understand and are here to answer any question you may have about placenta encapsulation.


In the wild, consuming the placenta is a natural impulse or intuition for animals after giving birth, humans are much more refined and the very idea of doing such a thing is seen as undesirable. Naturally. But there are many studies and reports from those who have experienced the benefits to a mammal who consumes some of the nutrition given up through birth.


And lucky for us, there is a modernized way that lets us have the best of both worlds. We can restore some of the lost hormones, nutrients and minerals from delivery via a simple pill. It is as seamless as taking a multivitamin but made by you, for you.


The placenta is the key part of the body that nourishes the baby while in the womb, it pulls nutrition from your body and turns into what your baby needs via the umbilical cord. After delivery, the doctor will inspect it for any signs that there may be something wrong, then discard it as medical waste. It is after the doctor's inspection that the placenta can be instead put in our safe and approved container for transportation to our placenta lab.


The process is a clean modern solution, call today to learn more about placenta encapsulation in Lafayette.  

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